ReThink Selling

ReThink Selling

When was the last time you asked anyone on your Sales Team why they are in Sales?

Have you ever heard or been guilty of saying “well this is how we’ve always done it, and it’s worked so we’re sticking with it!” Or something along that line.

It’s hard for dealers to see value in the intangibles for particularly their young Sales team such as personal development, leadership training, gratitude, finding purpose, personal branding, etc.  And it’s much easier for them to see value in the tangibles that traditional sales training courses teach such as sales, closing percentages, lead generation, appointment conversion rates, etc.

But wouldn’t you agree that the intangibles are a crucial driving force behind reaching the full potential of the tangibles?  Especially when we tend to promote from within and have our top Sales Consultants eventually be Sales Managers who later become General Managers and eventually Dealers?  Why do we continuously consciously make the choice to learn the hard and long way about the importance of leadership, purpose, personal development and personal branding?

When was the last time you sent your Sales Consultant or Sales Manager to a Personal Development Seminar or a Leadership Course?

Tony Robbins who actively owns and advises a dozen multi-million dollar companies, has a net worth of $500 Million+ and is known for working on Leadership and Personal Development training with past Presidents, Princess Diana, CEO’s of Fortune 500 Companies, etc. says that in his experience, he’s noticed that success is 80% Psychological and 20% Mechanical.  Yet the majority of dealerships buy into the exact opposite model, with 80% Mechanical training and only 20% Psychological, because that’s how it was shown to them.  In fact, I’d argue that it’s less than 20% in the majority of cases where we actual invest smart money into the intangible assets that set our dealerships up for long-term success.

Sales Development…. we have it backwards.



“ReThink Selling” is primarily targeted towards Automotive Sales Professionals but I believe that it can help anyone who is looking to improve their Business (themselves).  It’s time to start looking at yourself as a Business Owner rather than an Employee.  I have compiled what has attributed to my success, a sales strategy designed around the Customer Experience, in a ten page EBook.  ReThink Selling has some great tips and strategies that you may never have heard before, as well as my favorite Best Selling Books that will undoubtedly guide you on the path to success.

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